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Public procurement procedure

Technical Specification Engineering

If you're a government entity or required in any scenario to conduct a public procurement process, complete with published specifications and all the necessary documentation, you'll need robust technical specifications to ensure the products offered are up to standard.

The Risk of Inadequate Specifications

The worst scenario is losing your allocated procurement budget for the year due to a poorly drafted technical specification. To prevent this, it's crucial that your specs are current, accurate, and call for a product that is realistically manufacturable. If you lack the engineering personnel to do this properly, we have the solution. Regardless of who wins the tender in the end, feel free to consult us about engineering the specifications. This step is vital to channel quality standards and set the production guidelines and rules. Often, specs contain conflicting demands that can cancel each other out. To ensure you attract serious bidders and avoid a barrage of clarifying questions, getting the specs right is essential.