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About Us

In 2005, Phil M., a former Royal Marines Commando, founded Bulldog Tactical Gear in Portsmouth, a city with a rich naval history. His two decades of service, marked by a critical equipment failure during an operation, spurred him to create a brand dedicated to superior military equipment.

Under the Union Jack emblem, Bulldog Tactical Gear quickly garnered acclaim for its military and tactical gear, meticulously designed in partnership with military and police experts. Phil's mission was to offer equipment that could withstand the rigors of combat and diverse operational contexts.

The brand's product line, encompassing everything from uniforms to modular plate carriers and MOLLE pouches, underwent rigorous field testing. It was lauded for its practicality, lightweight design, and ease of use. Upholding the motto "If it's not Bulldog, it's just bull...," Bulldog Tactical Gear distinguished itself with a relentless commitment to quality, driven by real-world feedback and continuous refinement.

Under Phil's guidance, Bulldog Tactical Gear evolved into a trusted name, equipping special forces and security personnel with robust gear, ready for the most challenging patrols and unpredictable scenarios.

In early 2023, marking a new chapter in its story, Bulldog Tactical became a part of Welkit, further solidifying its position in the market as a provider of top-tier military and tactical equipment.